EDT Texturing

Electro Discharge Texturing (EDT)

Electro Discharge Texturing (EDT) provides specific roughness on the surface of mill’s rolls.

Improved roll roughness consistency is achieved through high level process control of the EDT machine variables. It notably allows slight variation in roughness over the entire surface of the roll (+/- 5%), a high number of peaks and a roughness independant of roll hardness and quality.

To enable its customers to meet the needs of very demanding sectors such as the automotive industry, and in its will to remain at the cutting edge of technology, Nord Chrome implements two state-of-the-art processes:

EDT SuperfinishedTM

patented by Court Holdings. It consists in removing the highest peaks on the EDT surface. This provides a homogeneous roughness and wear resistant surface.


patented by Court Holdings. It consists in a double texturing process. In addition to the advantages of EDT SuperfinishedTM, it allows the texturing of roll with only one tool.

Thanks to these two processes, the life long of a roll is increased, and the quality of roughness transfer, from the first laminated meters, are clearly improved.