Chrome plating

Hard Chrome

Nord Chrome is positioned as the specialist in low-thickness hard chrome. This has been its core business since its creation in 1985.

Chrome plating allows a significant increase of the lifelong of treated parts : resistance to wear, resistance to roughness, reduction of friction,…

Moreover, the layer of chrome acts as a real revealer of the defaults from the other processes of treatment. The technicians of Nord Chrome are then able to detect and treat theses defaults in order to provide a product with no defaults.

In its will to remain at the cutting edge of technology, Nord Chrome has implemented a new generation chrome plating process named A-Coat®. This process has been developed by Court Holdings. Its horizontal and innovative design provides significant progress in terms of health, security and environmental impact.

Chromic acid, used in chrome plating applications, is subject to the European REACH regulation. With a strong commitment for health & environment, and with a perfect control of the management of Chrome VI in its roll shops, Nord Chrome obtained a 12-years authorisation for the use of Chrome in its processes until 2029.